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April 16, 2024

To the esteemed members of the U.S. Congress, both Republican and Democrat,

I, John Naimi, wish to take this opportunity to express my deep concern regarding the current situation in Iran. I write to you as the Coordinator of Cyrus Force, a freedom fighter group striving for the liberation of Iran from the toxic grip of fanatics, whose hands are stained with the blood of innocents. Since the mournful day of February 11, 1979, when the radicals deposed the ex-Shah of Iran, the region became unstable, fraught with war, crime and terror.

Friends, we belong to an ancient civilization, tracing back to the earliest days of human history. Our former leaders, such as Cyrus the Great, were renowned for preserving lives rather than taking them. They rescued Jewish captives from Babylonian prisons and championed peace and human rights throughout their reigns. Despite enduring numerous invasions, we have always persevered as proud Persians. However, over 1400 years ago, militant invaders razed our monuments, desecrated our libraries, raped our women, and enslaved our youth.

In 1979, the Guadeloupe Conference orchestrated events that resulted in over three million martyrs and countless atrocities committed by the Mullahs. Since then, war, crime, and terror has only intensified. The Mullahs' rule has brought about poverty by expelling our educated populace and sponsoring terrorism in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

We urge you to heed the voices of the Iranian people, once among the world's wealthiest and most cultured nations but now impoverished and starving. They perceive the Mullahs as proxies of the West, shielded by Western military forces or allies, who crave for a deal that could never exist beyond fantasy. When will the West support the Iranian people's quest for democracy and humanitarian governance? Instead, they fear the Mullahs’ destabilization of the region, allowing for the opening of markets for Western arms manufacturers and securing oil interests.

We at Cyrus Force – representing the aspirations of innocent Iranians – pledge to collaborate with Western and global powers to spread love and peace worldwide, free from the stain of the terror, hate, and bloodshed that the Ayatollahs and Mullahs brought to our beautiful land.

Spare Iran the turmoil of the past transgressions and horrors of 1953 and 1979. We Persians reject terror and its supporters and instead champion peace and humanity, transcending race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or wealth. Let us unite for the good of all.

We implore you to help our people, who have been oppressed and demoralized for far too many years. Then, we will be able to experience peace in the Middle East and beyond.
On behalf of the Iranian people,

Qumars (John) Naimi
Cyrus Force

Dear Mr. President Biden,                                                                April 3, 2023


After 44 years of being trapped in poverty, misery and crisis, Iranians concluded and know very well that the regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran favors Bilderberg meeting, British Freemasons, Military-Industrial Complex, the US Allies, even US adversaries Russia, China and Iran's neighboring countries.

Simply Iran, as it is, is favoring every country except the majority of the Iranian people.

The sanctions at its present form and military attack helps Ayatollahs to loot Iran and stay in power for more years.

Only “Smart Sanctions”, i.e., sanctions against Iran's looters, can change the Ayatollah's behavior, which “Looting” is according to their Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Sharia Law.

This book titled "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution" has two appendices:

First - some principles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, which show that the regime should be in hostility with the US and that the proxies of the regime should be scattered around the world to fight with American interests wherever they are.

Second - some part of the Quran Chronicle, to show that the regime of Ayatollahs, as they themselves say, do not believe in the completeness of the Quran.

The purpose of publishing this book is to pay tribute to the heroes of the Revolution "Woman Life Freedom" and to show the betrayal of a small number of Iranians abroad who are supported by the Western State Media.

If one day after the recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia, it is decided that the regime of the Ayatollahs should change their behavior, then the only leverage of American pressure is to call the regime's anti-American and terrorist principles and seek interference in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic and “Smart Sanctions” on the regime thieves and looters of Iran.

Order the book by AMAZON

The Last chapter of the book, click here

September 2022

In 2014, when ISIS (Salafi Muslims) arrived in Mosul from Turkey with a thousand new Toyotas and conquered this city, the memory of the first Arab attack on the Iranian Empire prompted me to write this book:

2020 The Fall of Islamic States & The Rise of a New Political Order

My wrong prediction was the election of Hillary Clinton! But Trump's election surprised everyone

In June 2019, the prediction of the "14 People Manifestation" was more or less correct, which was overshadowed and silenced by mission and conspiracy of Reza Pahlavi's supporters in the US.

After the disappointment of the supporters of Reza Pahlavi and Mujahideen (MKO) for the US military attack on Iran, by Mr. Pompeo in his speech at the Reagan Library, I changed the last chapter of the book in 2019 and published it with this title.

2020 The Fall of Ayatollahs Constitution

And now, in September 2022, the last two chapters of the book have been changed without any prediction, but with reason and published with this title.

Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs

Here is my presentation of the book


After many years sending messages to the American Administration and writing books expressing an opinion and offering a solution to get rid of Ayatollahs Regime in Iran, finally this book published at September 2022 is our final answer!

To review the contents and two final chapter, CLICK HERE

The Islamic Republic Constitution was a trick and Ayatollah Khomeini said so; "Khoda'"
Click on the link to listen to our first message at October 2022https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26cSCyfDkgg

If you only read appendix of the book “Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs” you agree; It is Iran’s Ayatollah’s Constitution Stupid!
Click on the link to listen to our second message at October 2022


Our Message for the President of the United States of America:

Dear President Biden,
CC: Secretary of State,
You know better, that Western Countries Administrations will always look at their own interests, when dealing with the others.
The "Iranian Scarifies" does not concern them.
For the last forty-four years the Ayatollahs Regime has been an excellent tool for Arm-business and draining Iranian assets and depositing currencies in the Western Banks.
Therefore no administration, with a right mind would like to change the the Regime and statuesque!
What the Western Administration might be interested in, is to change the behavior of the Ayatollahs Regime in spreading Terrorism and interfering with the interests of the West around the World.
The common interest of the Iranian people and the West is the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution.
Therefore, our message for the Western Countries Administrations is to help Iranian People to change the Ayatollahs Constitution.
We have recently published a book with title "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs" as a message to the Western Courtiers.
We have a website in English " www.IranianAmerican.info " including our messages and Islamic Constitution and conclusion chapters of the book.
I hope you join us!


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With Greeting to the US President, here is our last message at March 1st, 2020:
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Introducing the book "2020 The Fll of Islamic States &..." (click on the Link)

We are a group of Iranian American living in different States and have a common belief how to rescue Iran, if there is any interest to resolve the Iranian issue with no military intervention, loss of life or spending any money.
With all the rhetoric and media publicity, American popularity among people of the street in Iran is more than Europe. There are many polls including Gallup Poll which shows that.
With the help of the Mid-America Committee in Chicago 18 American executives of the fortune five hundred went to Iran at November 1998. They all can testify if needed. 
The US Administration can build a good relation with the Iranian people rather than abandon them.
This think tank of the Constitution of the Parliamentary Government of Iran is a non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to realize a free and democratic Iran and the Middle East.
The think tank organization would also provide a venue for leaders among the Iranian and the broader Mid-Eastern democratic movement to communicate their ideas and analyses with the Western leaders as well as the public
Among our strategies will be the attempt to build a bridge between the Iranian Diaspora and the American government and public.
As such, many members of the Iranian Diaspora are willing to help both their adopted countries and their original homeland.
For America, Canada and Europe to protect their security and interest
For Iran, to gain her freedom and democracy.
Well, here we are to give a message to our American Senators, that there is a simple way to resolve the Iranian issue.
For the last 20 years together with some Iranian Americans among ourselves we have been monitoring and discussing different options by which the situation in Iran might change for better.

We have concluded the most effective options for the US Government are two actions:

1- To aim and focus religious zealotry in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the same time Iranian demand, a new Constitution with clear separation of Religion and Government, within Charter of United Nation.

2- Removing part of Sanctions which will impact life of common people in Iran and plan implementable   "Smart Sanction on the Leaders of Iranian Regime and their families and associates ( Islamic Regime Oligarchy ) and most impotently freeze their assets”, in order to dismantle their power structure and their irrational zealotry behavior.

Here in this website we presenting The Iranian Constitution in English and I have highlighted some parts of it with red marker, which explains their unnatural behavior.

Also, a book written with the Title "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs" which worth reading from Chapter five and six, which shows how constitution revolution started in Iran and how US can help people of Iran by imposing “Smart Sanctions” on the leaders of Iran.

We hope this message with less than 400 words could reach you and be a base for dialog among the US Administration.

Thank you!