- Our Letter to our Representatives

For the attention of the American politician who are actively concerned with the Middle East events.

For the last 20 years together with some Iranian Americans among ourselves we have been monitoring and discussing different options by which the situation in Iran might change for better.

Few years ago we made a group as "Iranian American Strategic Research Institute" http://www.IranianAmerican.info  and we have concluded the most effective options for the US Government are two actions.

1- To aim and focus religious zealotry in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the same time Iranian demand, a new Constitution with clear separation of Religion and Government, within Charter of United Nation.

2- Removing part of Sanctions which will impact life of common people in Iran and plan implementable   "Smart Sanction on the Leaders of Iranian Regime and their families and associates and most impotently freeze their assets”, in order to dismantle their power structure and their irrational zealotry behavior.

Here we presenting The Iranian Constitution in English and I have highlighted some parts of it with red marker, which explains their unnatural behavior.

Also, a book written with the Title "Imagine! The Fall of Ayatollahs" which worth reading from Chapters five and six, which shows how constitution revolution starts in Iran and how US can help people of Iran by imposing “Smart Sanctions” on the leaders of Iran.