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Iranian American 2020 Hopefuls
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From:    Iranian American 2020 Hopefuls
To:          US Secretary of State, Mr. Pompeo
Subject: Iran & Middle East                                                          Date:  July 22, 2018

We are a group of Iranian American living in different States and have a common belief how to rescue Iran, if there is any interest to resolve the Iranian issue with no military intervention, loss of life or spending any money.
We have a website: www.IranianAmerican.info
We have concluded the most effective options for the US Government are two actions:
1- To aim and focus religious zealotry in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. At the same time Iranian demand, a new Constitution with clear separation of Religion and Government, within Charter of United Nation.
2- Removing part of Sanctions which will impact life of common people in Iran and plan implementable   "Smart Sanction on the Leaders of Iranian Regime and their families and associates and most impotently freeze their assets”, in order to dismantle their power structure and their irrational zealotry behavior.
In this website we presenting The Iranian Constitution in English and I have highlighted some parts of it with red marker, which explains their unnatural behavior.
Also, a book written with the Title "2020 the Fall of Islamic States &...." which worth reading from Chapter six, which predicts how constitution revolution starts in Iran at 2018 and how US can help people of Iran by imposing “Smart Sanctions” on the leaders of Iran.
Furthermore, we have looked at the years beyond change of Regime in Iran and how stability and prosperity could return to the Middle East under the leadership of the President Donald J. Trump until the year of 2025. This is explained in the website www.projectarmenia.us
Last February, the US Ambassador was briefed about Project Armenia, when we travelled there and met many of the Armenian Government members.
Sohrab ChamanAra
Iranian American 2020 Hopefuls
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Glendale, CA 91203
Tel: (818) 409 0873              Email: Armen@CHAMCO.net

Honorable Mr. Mike Pompeo"

U.S. Secretary of State

Your Excellency:

Iranian-American 2020 Hopefuls (I-A2020H) is a think tank of Iranian-Americans who live in different states and have a common goal, Rescue Iran and Her Heritage, and relax the World.

Please refer to www.iranamerican.info, it provides a lot of answers to many unasked questions.

82+ million Iranians, in their homeland, are paying a horrible price, and, within few decades, migration of 50+ million hungry and thirsty Iranians will become another international burden. Iranians, in general, have brilliant minds, but lack proper social upbringing. They live a life of lies.

Islam is a religion gone astray, and Shiism is not Islam. Western intelligence on Islam is invalid. Probably the best of that is in the library of Cambridge University. Khomeini was a wrong choice to replace the Shah. He had the audacity to answer the question “In Paris you said that you will go to Ghom and practice religion.” he answered: “I lied”.

Mojahedin are not a proper replacement of the rogue regime. They follow an ideology that is a combination of the worse in Islam and Marxism. The upcoming young generation of Iranians inside the country has awakened from a long national slumber. They have realized their situation, thanks to the internet and modern technology. But they need guidance. They lack goal and leader. They know what they don't want, but don't know what they want.

I-A2020H has started doing what must be done. Nothing is sacred and nothing is tabooed. Everything is under question, and cancer should be eliminated. Iranian sovereignty must regained, and stolen Iranian national wealth must be returned to Iran. Israeli Nazi Hunters did it right."

Armen Saginian